Brazil is a multicultural country. The way in which it was colonized has meant that it has received a great number of influences, especially from Europe and Africa, as well as from the indigenous culture of the original inhabitants. This mixture has resulted into a particularly interesting population.

Every region in this large tropical country has its own peculiarities. These may be seen in the cuisine, the climate, the vegetation or the beauty of the inhabitants. Diversity is one thing of which there is no shortage. Hospitality is another. The latter is a trademark of one particular region in Brazil: the Northeast.

With its wonderful beaches and very pleasant climate, temperatures no lower than 21°C and a maximum of 31°C, plenty of sunshine and a constant pleasant breeze, visitors have often been known to describe it as true paradise. It is right here in Rio Grande do Norte, one of the most beautiful states in the Northeast that the headquarters of the BLI Group are located, ready for those who are looking for a better quality of life. Now find out a little bit more about the city where the group is based: Natal. Sun City.

The passion for Natal is a consensus among Brazilians and foreign visitors. There are many attractions for those who enjoy entertainment and a thriving nightlife and peaceful settings for those who are looking for tranquility. The easy-going nature of the population, 50% of which are young people who are ready to party at a moment’s notice, as well as their hospitality will certainly make your experience even more exciting once you get to know the enchantments of a destination that is unforgettable and of incomparable natural beauty.

Best time to visit
Between November and February, the city is abuzz with attractions and an average temperature of 30 degrees Celsius. Events include the Cinema Festival and Carnival, among other local attractions. After that, the city gets calmer and more affordable, but not less interesting; there’s always pleasant weather, an average temperature of 27 degrees Celsius, and the warm Atlantic Ocean waters. In June and July you will see very few rainy days.

Bring along
Besides bathing suits, do bring flip-flops, hats, and sunglasses. Make sure to bring along lots of sunscreen with high protection factor. If you are considering hiking the arid interior, include sneakers, loose and light clothing, and a big hat.

healthy Life
A study published by NASA showed that the people of Natal breathe the purest air in South America. Now, a research done by OEI – Organization of the Ibero-American States for Education, revealed that Natal has the smallest rate of homicide deaths among the big cities in the country.

How to Get Here
By car: BR-101 links Natal to João Pessoa, Recife, Maceió e Aracajú. From Fortaleza, the access is through BR-116 until Boqueirão do Cesário (CE), continuing then through BR-304.
By Plane: The airport Augusto Severo (tel. 3644-1000), has flights coming in from the main capital cities of Brazil and Europe. During the high season, the frequency is 30 domestic flights daily and 25 international flights weekly.
By Bus: You can reach Natal by bus from the main northeast cities and the Southeast Region. Bus Terminal (tel. 3232-7310).

Moving Around
In order to have more freedom and comfort, the best option is to rent a car. The 5 Stars Hotels are located at Via Costeira, which is located between Ponta Negra and the downtown Natal. Those who stay in this area will depend on taxis or the hotel transfer service. A rental-car will also facilitate the access to the beaches in the South and North part of the State, such as Pipa and São Miguel do Gostoso.

In the main areas of town the streets are broad and well signed, but some pedestrian crossings require extra attention, due to the lack of traffic lights. The taxi fleet is good, the prices are fair and public transportation – busses and vans – offer access to most of the city.
At night, your best option is to take a taxi.

Distance from some Capital cities

  • Rio de Janeiro: 2 645 km
  • São Paulo: 2 947 km
  • Recife: 288 km
  • Fortaleza: 533 km
  • Maceió: 554 km

Tour Information

  • Telephone Area Code 84
  • Samu Ambulance: 192
  • Natal Taxi:  (0xx84)  3213 - 6800
  • Radio Taxi:  (0xx84) 3221 - 5666
  • Post Office: (0xx84) 3220 2500
  • Police Station (Emergency):   190
  • Fire Brigade: 193
  • Civil Defense: 199
  • Tourist Police Station: (0xx84) 3232 - 7402 / 3232 - 7404
  • Dutch Consulate: (0xx84) 3219 - 0459
  • Spanish Consulate: (0xx84) 3219 - 0132
  • Norwegian Consulate: (0xx84) 3211 - 6800 Fax Nr (0xx84) 3221 - 4544
  • Portuguese Consulate:    (0xx84) 3215 - 0809
  • French Consulate: (0xx84) 3641 - 1230
  • Citizen Center Help Praia Shopping: (0xx84) 3232 - 7234 Federal Police: (0xx84) 3204 - 5500
  • P.S.: The (0xx) means the operator number such as 021 or 031 when you make calls for other Brazilian States
    e.g. 021 84 32362512 or long distance calls add a zero 00 21 or 00 31 follow by the number

Tourist Attraction


Carnatal, which is known as the largest out-of-season carnival in the world, has taken place since 1991, bringing together the best of the Bahian musicians. There are several “trios elétricos” (giant trucks, carrying powerful speakers) and thousands of merrymakers dancing to the sound of axé music. This event is always held during the first week in December.


Rodeos are traditional events in northeast Brazil, where cowboys on horseback dispute prizes. These events are famous for the forró shows that bring together thousands of people that like to dance forró, which is a traditional regional dance.

Inferno's Barrier

First rocket launch base in Latin America, the Inferno’s Barrier gets this name because it sits on top of a very high reddish cliff.

Today, the Military Base conducts space research and receives groups of visitors by previous appointments.

Cajueiro de Pirangi

This "genetic aberration" (according to scientific research) is one of the most beautiful and fascinating trees anywhere.

With a trunk taking up 8.400m2, the largest Cashew tree in the world produces 60 thousand cashews (cajus) each season. There are also souvenir shops, restaurants, and guided tours nearby.

Pipa Beach

Located some 85km from Natal, Pipa Beach is not to be missed by those seeking adventure during the day and exciting nightlife after hours. It was chosen by the Quatro Rodas Guide as one of the 10 most beautiful beaches of Brazil. Pipa Beach mixes the beauty of the cliffs and coves, with charming inns, crafts shops, bars, and restaurants.

It is famous for the Ecological Sanctuary hiking trails, as a Mecca for local surfers, and for the “hot” nightlife, frequented by tourists from around the world..

Genipabu Beach

Genipabu is a mandatory stop for all tourists, especially those who take the sand-buggy tours. The beautiful dunes promise and deliver plenty of thrills: lagoons you can sand surf into, bold maneuvers from the buggys drivers, and even dromedary rides.

With several restaurants on site stunning views, Genipabu is one of the most famous beaches and postcards of the Brazilian coastline.

Maracajaú Beach

Often compared in international magazines to beaches in Tahiti and the Caribbean, this beach is home to a coral reef along its coast called “Parrachos de Maracajaú”. The corals are a sight to behold, a wonderful place in which to dive and explore the native marine flora and fauna, or simply to swim around in. The reef is located 7km off the coast and it is reached by powerboat.

Fort Of The 3 Wise Men

The Fort competes with Morro do Careca for the title of best-known post card of Natal. Landmark of the Portuguese settling in the State, its construction started in 1598, and came to be occupied by the Dutch between 1633 and 1654. It is located in the vicinity of where of the Atlantic Ocean meets to the mouth of the Potengi River. Besides its history, the beauty of the fort and the views it provides are unique.

Pium Market

It is impossible to visit the beaches on the South Coast without first stopping to try the tropical fruit at the Pium Market (Feirinha de Pium). There you can try such delicious local fruits as: mangaba, ciriguela, iced coconut milk, mango, rose apples, and pitomba, amongst others.

Rua Chile

Located in Ribeira, one of the most traditional districts in Natal, Rua Chile is famous for being home to a number of concert halls and nightclubs that attract a wide variety of types of people.

Genipabu Lagoon

This is a veritable “oasis” in the middle of all the dunes on the wonderful Genipabu beach. With its clear, calm water, this lagoon is a perfect place to relax.

The Civic Square

This Square, which is located in the city center, is one of the most beautiful in Natal. There is a high concentration of snack bars around it, making it a meeting point for the young of Natal.

Machadão Stadium

The Machadão, located at Av. Prudente de Morais, 5121, Lagoa Nova, close to a four-hundred-year-old viaduct in Natal, is the largest soccer stadium in Rio Grande do Norte. It not only hosts matches in the Potiguar State Championship, but also Brazil Cup games. Its capacity at the present time is 32,000 people.

Augusto Severo International Airport

Located in Emaús, Parnamirim (18 km from Natal) and, at the present time, the highest capacity airport in Rio Grande do Norte. It has a capacity for 1.5 million passengers per year, and it is also used by the Natal Air Training Base (BANT), one of the Brazilian Air Force’s (FAB) main fighter pilot training bases. It is the only airport in the northeast to receive charter flights from Scandinavia.


Sun-Dried Meat in the Potiguar Style – Real sun-dried meat in the Potiguar style from Natal is different mainly because of the side dishes: browned manioc flour (farofa d'água), rice pudding, French or string beans, fried or boiled manioc, a simple salad (lettuce, tomato and onions), and clarified butter. This combination gives it an unforgettable flavor.

Couscous with chicken - This dish consists of sweetcorn seasoned with vegetables and boiled chicken. Delicious.

French Beans - Served with browned manioc flour and sun-dried meat. This is a traditional Northeastern dish. Unforgettable